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I experience and transmit the knowledge of hatha-yoga as a way to integrate and enhance various levels of awareness. During a yoga retreat we allow this integration to happen.

While nature stimulates our perception, we can unfold our potential and flourish beyond our habitual forms. Here we have the time, we take  the time, so that our senses can translate impulses in a way that will  enrich our life journey further.

With the daily yoga practice during a retreat, we support an  equilibrium between who we are and where we are at the present moment, so that these holidays can become a creative source of life!

Who Can Participate

People of all ages and abilities either with or without previous yoga experience, are welcome to join the yoga retreats. While in any given workshop, the vocabulary of postures can vary to fit  to the content of the learning process and to the needs of each group,  the student is encouraged to respect his/hers psychosomatic condition  and adapt the practice accordingly.

Priority is given more to the quality of attention and the state of being during the practice rather than to achieving advanced physical postures.

While practicing the yoga technique "bien tempéré", we are supporting a non-competitive performance, trusting the principle that with a minimum of effort, we can achieve the maximum of effect.



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